Supermetrics for Google Sheets & PowerBI: The Ultimate PPC Reporting Combo

***Tip: Have a question? Ask in the comment section below or in this Facebook group. You can also sign up for our free newsletter.*** Everyone is currently playing with Google Data Studio. However, there is also an alternative reporting combination which no one is using: Supermetrics for Google Sheets & PowerBI from Microsoft. So let’s have […]

Power of Filters

***TIP: Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t miss any new content.*** Filters are important part of every Power Query project and should not be underestimated. Let’s have a look on how to easily build & optimize your filters. As usual, the difficulty will increase with every following example.  Level 0: Selective Filters The easiest option to filter the […]

Recommended Power Query Settings

***TIP: Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t miss any new content.*** One should never underestimate settings in Power Query. So let’s have a look on few recommendations which can save you lots of pain in future. This articles covers only the most relevant settings (not all). Settings not covered in this articles are usually self-explanatory. How to Navigate […]

List Functions: an Elegant Way to Manipulate Text

***TIP: Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t miss any new content.*** List functions can become your favorite set of functions if you often need to manipulate text (aka “keywords”). You are now probably wondering what “list” function even means in Power Query. Basically, a “list” is a special object whose elements can be easily manipulated separately. So let’s […]