Supermetrics for Google Sheets & PowerBI: The Ultimate PPC Reporting Combo

***Tip: Have a question? Ask in the comment section below or in this Facebook group.¬†You can also sign up for our free newsletter.*** Everyone is currently playing with Google Data Studio. However, there is also an alternative reporting combination which no one is using: Supermetrics for Google Sheets & PowerBI from Microsoft. So let’s have […]

Using Google Sheets as Data Source in Power Query

***TIP: Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t miss any new content.** Google Sheets have replaced Excel in a lot of companies so how do Google Sheets get along with Power Query? Actually pretty well. Sample scenario: You store reference sheets via Google Sheets files where multiple people can work at the same time. You would like […]

Commonly Used Excel & Google Sheets Functions in PPC Industry

***TIP: Subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t miss any new content.*** The attached file in this article lists all the handy functions used in the PPC industry. The functions are separated into 5 categories: Logic + Text functions Date functions Sum + Count functions LookUp functions Query function Grab a FREE working copy of the file […]