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Frequently, we are building  PPC search campaigns pointing to many different URLs.  How cool would it be to be able to check our dataset for 404 pages BEFORE we upload to AdWords, to Bing, or to Sklik? Read more to find out!

Situation: You just build your search campaign for an e-shop. Your final URLs point to hundreds and hundreds of pages. You don’t know if you made an error in the URL structure so you would like to check your KWs for 404 errors directly in Power Query.

So you have this simple input table, where you want to drop all your URLs (just make sure, all the URLs are included in the blue table):

Input table

And then at the end, you need to see something like this after you refresh the query:

Output table


  • 200=OK, page exists. Good!
  • 404=Bad luck! Page does not exist.
  • Domain does not exist = Really? Are you working on the correct project?

Of course, this little tool can be worked into every campaign build up as one of many related steps, this standalone sample is just to show one of the many things Power Query can do for you pretty effortlessly.

Download the tool here:

In order to refresh the tool:

  1. Drop as many URLs as you want into the blue table
  2. Navigate to green table>right click>Refresh. This will trigger refresh of “Values To Check” query.
  3. Confirm all prompts, set all permissions to “anonymous” or to “public” (if asked).
  4. Wait a little. The more URLs you have, the more time it will take. Generally speaking, 100 URLs should be checked in 30 seconds.

It’s that simple!


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