Free PPC Ad Copy Test Evaluator – Try Now!

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Evaluating ads in all ad groups at once can be pain. Especially, when you have thousands of ad groups to go through and no tools to do it automatically for you.


Lucky you! Here is a simple Power Query tool which can help you. The tool iterates through all the ad groups & all ads and chooses the best ad in every ad group based on CTR. The best ads in every ad group are tagged as “Winners”. Loser ads’ status gets changed to “paused”.

All you need to do is to:

  1. Download Ad Evaluator from here: (download is available in the top right corner after you click the link).
  2. Go to AdWords online UI
  3. Download ad performance file in XLSX, make sure you download at least campaign, ad group, ads itself, ad IDs, ad group IDs & CTR columns. Date range is up to you.
  4. Set the correct path to the performance data file within the Ad Evaluator (just have a look at the video, it is simple)
  5. Let Power Query do the magic – refresh “Ad Evaluation” query
  6. Upload “loser” ads as paused back to AdWords via “Bulk Uploads” feature or just have look on winner.

Simple as that. It should not take more than 5 minutes. Really.  See the whole procedure in the video below:

Few notes:

  • This tool only works in English AdWords setup.
  • Only work works for Expanded Ads.
  • The impression, click, & CTR values are totally made up by me behind the scenes in the source Excel file. That’s why you see zeros in the AdWords UI at the beginning/end of the video.  (Just in case you noticed).

Do you want to learn how to do Power Query magic? Drop comments & contact details into the section below!

Getting Power Query for Excel:

  • Power Query for Excel 2013 is here.
  • Power Query for Excel 2016 is built-in under Data>Get & Transform

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