How To Build Excel Refreshable Reports in 5 Minutes Without Macros

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In today’s post, we will look at building simple Excel refreshable reports WITHOUT¬†using any macros.

Typical scenario:

  1. You get files with performance data on a regular basis (daily, weekly). E. g. CSVs, TXTs, XLSs, XLSXs…
  2. You just want to take these files, drop them into a folder and refresh your pivots without copying & pasting anything, without using macros.

Here is a tutorial showing how you can achieve that in Power Query in 5 minutes. That’s how simple & fast it really is.

Of course, in real world, you can make your reports more complicated. You can build one query for combining all AdWords files, then another query for combining Bing Ads files, then another query for pulling data from your CRM and then joining all the previous queries into one.  Your options are unlimited.

Do you want to learn how to do Power Query magic? Drop comments & contact details to the section below!

Getting Power Query for Excel:

  • Power Query for Excel 2013 is here.
  • Power Query for Excel 2016 is built-in under Data>Get & Transform

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