How to Build Search Campaigns Directly from XML Feed

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In today’s post, we will have a quick look at XML feeds & eshops.

Assuming you are able to get XML feed from your eshop, you can easily build PPC search campaigns on the fly in Excel without a single copy & paste operation. Wait, what…? No copy & paste?

Check out the video below, it’s less than 2 minutes. I am using a real XML feed (sample from W3Schools):

Once you build the query for the first time, you can refresh it anytime you want. Again…and again…and again…For example, every time new products appear in your XML feed, you refresh the query, get an updated “campaign snapshot” and simply import it to AdWords Editor. All it takes is just one click on the refresh button. Power Query will then go, download the new updated XML feed and perform the same steps as before on all the items in the XML feed. You can apply similar logic for ads building as well.

Of course, all the rules can be defined based on the business needs (naming convention, ad group grouping etc.). Same applies to the created keyword variations, I just created few samples of them.

The sample feed used in the video is here:

The sample Excel file with the working query is here:  (download by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner)

To access Power Query features in Excel:

  • Excel 2016: Data>Get & Transform>Show Queries>Doubleclick any query in the right hand pane
  • Excel 2013: You need to install Power Query as a separate Excel extension. You can grab it here. After the successful installation, Power Query will be added as a new ribbon to your Excel.

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