How to Get Facebook Leads to Google Sheets and Get Notified via Email?

Have you ever wondered how to get Facebook Leads into Google Sheets and also send the leads via email immediately after the lead is recorded by FB? In this article, I will show you one of the many options to solve the problem within 30-45 minutes.

The trick will be done via It’s a Czech alternative to IFTTT or to Zapier. They brand themselves as “glue of the internet”. Here are the reasons why I’m using Integromat instead of the competition:

  1. I really like the UI a lot. I’ve never liked IFTTT. Zapier is better than IFTTT but I still like the Integromat the most.
  2. They support advanced features such as repetitions, array aggregations, routing, “what happens if”…
  3. Integromat has a great support run mainly through this FB group. If the other users can’t help, people from Integromat step in and give you the final advice.
  4. The free tier gives you decent quotas which allow you to discover all the possibilities.
  5. It’s cheap. I am on $9/month pricing and I’m far from reaching the limits.

Setting up the Facebook Leads to Google Sheets Scenario in Integromat

So first of all, you need to setup an account with Integromat. The good news is that you can use your Gmail account. After your account is ready, you will likely land on the “Dashboard” section which will be totally blank. This is how my non blank account looks:

 Integromat - 1 - Dashboard


You want to create a new scenario so click the blue bottom in the top right hand corner. You will then land here:
Integromat - 2 - New Scenario

Search for “Facebook Lead”, “Facebook Leads Ads” module will shortly appear. Click it.

Integromat - 3 - New Scenario - Select Facebook Leads

Click the Facebook icon and then click “Continue” in the top right hand corner.

Integromat - 4 - New Scenario - Select Facebook Leads - Continue


You will then land on the “scenario canvas”. Find the Facebook icon in the bottom right hand corner and click it.

Integromat - 5 - New Scenario - Canvas

Select “New Lead”.

Integromat - 6 - New Scenario - Add Facebook Leads into the Scenario

Then drag the clock onto the Facebook icon. Remove the “?” module by right clicking it and choosing “delete”.

Integromat - 7 - New Scenario - Drag Scheduler onto Facebook Module


Then double-click the Facebook icon and you will be asked for a connection to use. Assuming you are brand new to Integromat, you will need to authenticate with Facebook first. Click “Add” button.

Integromat - 9 - New Scenario - Connect to FB

You will be taken through authentication wizard which is quite simple. The main condition is that the account you are using to login needs to be the admin, ideally of both – the FB page and of the ad account. I cannot show the flow because I would have to remove my existing connection first, potentially breaking my existing scenarios. After you authenticate, you need to select the source Facebook page and form name from which you want to download the leads. You can only select one form at a time. If you have multiple forms you want to monitor, you will likely need to setup multiple scenarios like this one (but you can still send the leads to one Google Sheet).

Integromat - 10 - New Scenario - Connected to FB

Okay, your Facebook Lead Ads module is now setup. Now it’s time, to add Google Sheets module. Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner.

Integromat - 11 - New Scenario - Add New Module into the Scenario

Search for Google Sheets and click it.

Integromat - 12 - New Scenario - Search for Google Sheets


Select the newer “Google Sheets” module.

Integromat - 14 - New Scenario - The New Google Sheets Module

Your action will be “Add a Row”.

Integromat - 15 - New Scenario - Add Row Action

You will be asked for destination spreadsheet and sheet within the spreadsheet where you want to paste the lead information.

Integromat - 16 - New Scenario - Select Spreadsheet and Sheet

Now it’s time to map your FB lead fields to columns in your Google Spreadsheet by simply drag’n’dropping. Before doing the drag’n’drop exercise, it’s good idea to go to your Google Sheet and setup the first header row by simply writing the column names so Integromat can see the column names and offer them in the wizard. Notice e. g. “ad id (D)” – this means that the column D in the Google Sheet is called “ad id”. I basically named my columns based on the field names in Facebook…

Integromat - 17 - New Scenario - Drag Fields into the Columns


When you are done, you Google Sheet configuration will look like this. You do not have to map all the fields from Facebook if you do not need them.

Integromat - 18 - New Scenario - Fields Dragges

Then you need to connect your Facebook module with Google Sheets module by dragging the semi-circle on the side of Facebook module onto the Google Sheet module.

Integromat - 18b - New Scenario - Connect Modules

And as a final touch, we want to be notified via email when a new Facebook Lead is recorded. So we add Gmail module with “Send Message” action and we connect it to the previous Google Sheets module. Again, by dragging the semi circle from Google Sheets onto Gmail.

Integromat - 19 - New Scenario - Add Gmail Module

Double-click your Gmail module to configure your message. Again, you can use FB field as variable. You can also use HTML markup – e.g. <br> as new line.

Integromat - 20 - New Scenario - Create Gmail Message

After your done with Gmail, it’s time to activate the scenario by clicking the ON button in the bottom left side.

Integromat - 21 - New Scenario - Activate the Scenario

And then you just need to wait for FB leads to come :).

This is how my Google Sheets looks:

Integromat - 22 - New Scenario - Leads in Google Sheets

This is how my automated email looks:

Integromat - 23 - New Scenario - Gmail Message


I think that Integromat is a great underrated tool which can make our lives much easier. It’s quite easy to learn, powerful, and pretty cheap to run. And as bonus, you feel like a programmer while having zero programming skills. 🙂





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