Our Offering

The Problems We Have Identified

Over the years, we have identified 3 common areas where PPC managers frequently struggle. Do you identify yourselves with any of these below? If you do, you could make use of our help.


  1. Do you struggle with creating comprehensive PPC reports by e. g. combining data from Google Ads, Bing, your CRM or call tracking system such as CallRail?
  2. Do you just hate spending time and reporting and maintaining reliable data flows?
  3. Do you have hard time with exporting your CRM data on regularly basis to a system where you can run SQL queries a do various joins?

PPC Automation

  1. Do you have trouble with managing/creating/updating large paid search accounts?
  2. Do you struggle with bidding since Google Ads does not offer bid strategy fitting your needs?
  3. Do you struggle with aligning your Google Ads spend to monthly budget?
  4. Do you have hard time creating “checking tools” which inform you e. g. about new search terms, search terms misfiring in different ad groups, campaigns hitting budgets, brand KWs firing in generic campaigns?
  5. Do you have hard time with regularly switching your landing pages depending on your inventory or based on crawled information from your pages?

Custom Google Ads Scripts & Bing Ads Scripts

  1. Do you feel like it sucks to do the same thing over and over? We do too! There might be a script for that which we can write for you.

Web Scraping

  1. Do you need to scrape 500,000 products from Amazon or any other structured website? Not big deal for us. We can built a custom crawler for you, running regularly on our server.

Conversion Uploads to Google Ads and Bing Ads

  1. Do you have troubles sending your conversions (=gclid or msclkid values) from your CRM to Google Ads or to Bing Ads?
  2. Do you have troubles sending your conversions from your calltracking system to Google Ads or to Bing Ads?
  3. Do you have hard time matching leads with gclids and msclkids across your systems?

Tagging & Tracking

  1. Are you failing to track all your online events & audiences properly? We can help you with setting up Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager. We have several years of advanced experience with both systems.

Power Query

  1. The last but not least – we can consult your Power Query problems on 1 on 1 basis.

How We Work

First of all, we will talk to you to hear what your problems are. Then we will propose solution (if there is one). Our team consists of 2 people: Daniel Zrust (PPC) & Jan Cerny (programming). We have 5 years of experience working in corporate world managing large PPC accounts in 15+ languages worldwide as well as working on small, low budgets projects.

When it comes to technology, we use combination of cloud virtual machines, Google Sheets, Python, AdWords Scripts, Google Apps Scripts, Google Big Query, Google Data Studio, Excel, Power Query, Supermetrics, and Microsoft Power BI. Depending on your problems, we will choose appropriate combination of tools and talk you through suggested solution. If you like it, then we have a deal. If you don’t then no hurt feelings.

While we try to be as transparent as possible, we will not be able to give access to all our goodies (such as codes running on our virtual machines). On the other hand, we have no problems inserting e. g. Google Ads Scripts into your accounts, describing all the steps in our solutions, setting up reporting under you accounts etc.

While we are based in the Czech Republic, different time zones are not really a problem. We can find reasonable time slots for both parties in case your are based in the United States. We already have 2 clients in the United States .


Pricing for long term projects is individual and depends on complexity of your projects, however, you can assume some flat rate for monthly maintenance and keeping everything alive as well as some extra development costs.

Short term consultations are $120/hour. Discounts are possible if you schedule more than just 1 hour.

We can provide an invoice. We are registered in the Czech Republic.

Contact Us

If you think, we have a match, you can contact us at mail@danzrust.cz. Briefly describe your problems, you don’t have to go into too much detail since we will likely have live call anyway :). Stop wasting your time on routines which can be easily automated!