Yes, You Can Replace Google Ads Scripts with Make/Integromat

***Please note that Integromat evolved into Make in February 2022. All content for Integromat is also valid for Make.***

The problem I am solving today is replicating this 3 years old script Free Google Ads Script for Building Negative Keyword List to Negate Bad Search Terms entirely in Integromat. You might be wondering why I would try to replicate the script when it already exists. I just wanted to see whether this classic “script” problem can be solved in Integromat and yes – it can.


And the best part? Rebuilding the script in Integromat took me only 1.5 hours as opposed to 8-10 hours needed to write the traditional Google Ads script. This is the how the finalized scenario looks like:

Neg KW List Builder in Integromat

Detailed explanations follow in the video:

Do you want to replicate this for your business yourself? 

Or just hire me as Make Integration Partner to freelance for you

Some of the resources mentioned in the article worth checking out:

If you are interested in setting this up, ping me. For a limited time, I am willing to help with the set up for free.

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