Master Switcher Script for Google Ads

A new script is out again! This is an easy but quite powerful one. The script lets you pause (and then activate) all your currently active campaigns by changing a cell value in a Google Sheet. If you frequently need to pause or activate entire account for your client (e. g. due to lead overflow), this script will make your life much easier. In theory, you could share the config spreadsheet with your client so they can manage the on/off status themselves.

How Exactly Does the Master Switcher Work?

  1. This is a MCC level script.
  2. You have a config spreadsheet like this:
    Master Switch - Config in Google Sheet
    Copy the sample from here. File>Make a Copy.
  3. Add as many accounts as you want with their proper names. The names need to match the account names in Google Ads. Do not leave any blank rows at the bottom of you sheet. 1 row = 1 account.
  4. Select “Paused” or “Enabled” for each account.
  5. If you select “Paused”, the script will pause all currently active campaigns and label them during the next run.
  6. Next time you select “Enabled” for that account, the script will go and activate all the labeled campaigns.

How to Configure the Script?

  1. Download the script here:
    Free version of the script does not send out an email notification when changes are made. 
    Paid version sends out these notifications.
  2. Edit the values in the config section:

    sheetId = The ID of your config spreadsheet
    sheetName  = The sheet name of your account list
    labelName = The name of the label which will be created in the account for referencing the previously paused campaigns
    email = The recipient of confirmation emails after the pausing/activating is finished. This works only in the paid version of the script.
    eventReportingToExcelinPpcComAllowed = Keep true or change to false. This feature sends basic events to my GA so I can count how many of my scripts are actually running.
  3. Schedule the script to run on hourly basis. There is no way to immediately transmit the change in Google Sheets to Google Ads and I’m limited by Google Ads itself. The shortest time frame for scripts to run is one hour.
  4. For the record – if you run the script in Preview mode, it will fail in case the helper label does not exist in the account. This will not happen when the script runs for real.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or something does not work, let me know in the comment section below.

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